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Couponing 101

Many people have used coupons from time to time, but where you will see the most significant savings to your grocery bill is when you start with the items already on sale for that week and use the coupons to bring the already low prices even lower.

Most people don't realize that grocery store run on a fairly regular rotation just as a yearly calender. By following the items that are already on sale and stocking up on enough products to get you to the next sale you are sure to save your family hundreds each month.

Remember couponing does take some practice and you may not see the savings right away. When you're just starting to coupon $30.00 dollars saved on a single trip is great. In now time you'll be saving more than your spending on a regular basis.

There is tons of Couponing blogs out there that will do a majority of the price matchups for local grocery and drug stores. Here's a list of some of my favorite blogs to help get you started.

http://www.saveathomemommy.com -Located in Bakersfield, CA
http://www.couponconnections.com/ -Located in Western Washington
http://www.thecouponproject.com -Located in Western Washington
www.queenbeecoupons.com -Located in Western Washington
http://dealsbydawn.blogspot.com/ -Located in Oregon
http://www.thismommysavesmoney.blogspot.com/ -Located in Los Angeles, CA

(If you own a couponing blog and would like to have your blog consider to be listed here, please contact me with your web address and the area and stores you cover. Thank you.)

I'm here for advice, or in some cases support, if you are have additional questions or any difficulties feel free to email me.

Happy Shopping and Saving,
Sarah Carbary
Mad Coupons


  1. i live in a very rural area and i don't have access to the gocery store very often. in fact we only go to walmart every 2 weeks! it is really eating into our budget. How can i plan my shopping spree when i live so far away? do you have any suggestions? i've never gotten into coupons before and i'd love to start!

  2. Living further away from some of the better couponing stores can be a challange. What City and State are you in? I may be able to find a good match site fro your local stores. Walmart can be a great resource too, seems they will price match other stores deals. you just need to have the print flyer with you stating the sale price at another store and they'll match if for the identical product. I use Walmart for it's price match all the time seems they are one of my closest stores also. If you have further question on the couponing or would just like some one on one advise feel free to email me madcoupons@live.com.

  3. I am new to this. I want to save all the money I can. I live in Decatur, Alabama, and Huntsville, Alabama. Do you have coupons for there? I just do not know where to start. You can email me at chiscots@aol.com. Thanks Donna
    When I buy from you, am I buying circulars or actual coupons?

  4. Our service provides the actual coupon inserts and you would have no problem using them in Alabama. I'll email you some more information in just a moment.

  5. I I am new to couponing and I seen on a different site that I can buy inserts from you how do I get there on your site

  6. We do offer whole coupon inserts. Are you using a computer to view this site or a phone? If your using a computer you can order coupons using the drop down menu towards the top of our webpage. If your using a phone it's a little more complicated, you'll have to find where it says "View Web Version" first and then it will give your the option to order inserts via the drop down menu. If you are still not able to figure it out you can email your order to us at madcoupons@live.com and we can send you a paypal request.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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