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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Notice of Increased Rates

As most of you are aware Mad Coupons has been a leading provider for coupon distribution over the last year or so. Right now were are servicing roughly 300 plus weekly orders and have came to a point where we are quickly selling out of coupons within hours of offering them. Lately we have only been offering monthly service due to the high demand for our services.

We have spend the last couple months negotiating additional supplies of coupons to help better service the large quantities of people trying to place orders with us. We have established a name in the coupon community by providing fast and inexpensive coupon service. Many of the people we are servicing are loyal customers that have been with us since our beginning. We appreciate all you gals (and a few guys) have done to help spread the word of our services. Mad Coupons is blessed to have such a great group of supporters.

In order for us to increase the numbers of orders we can fill each week, we have hired extra staff and are also obtaining larger coupon supplies. To account for these added costs were will be raising our coupon rates to $14.00 per week for shipments anywhere in the US. The price for local service that does not include shipping with be $9.00 per week. Price increases will start March 1st, 2011. (If you are currently a Monthly Coupon Subscriber your rates will not increase until April 1st, 2011.) We realize that there are many people needing our services to help their families save on grocery and household products. We are excited to supply more and more families with the tools needed for extreme coupon savings. Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

Mad Coupons thanks you for your business,
Sarah Carbary
Mad Coupons

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