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Saturday, January 29, 2011

1-30-11 Coupon Preview- 3 Inserts

Hey Everyone,

We only have enough coupon inserts this week for the monthly service orders. We are working diligently to get our hands on extra coupons inserts each week seems we know so many of you are still in need of our services. Will keep you posted when weekly orders will again be available.

For the monthly people: There are 3 Inserts (1 SmartSource & 2 RedPlum) In order to get all orders packaged and shipped out this morning, we wont list the full coupon preview until later this evening. That way we can focus solely on sorting and you'll still know (this evening) what coupons to expect in your package and can start planning your shopping.

Happy shopping & Saving,
Sarah Carbary
Mad Coupons


  1. Are the Dove $2/1 deodorant included?

  2. Just noticed that I got the 3 you mentioned. Looked at the 2011 schedule & saw that you did not get a P&G insert for 1/30 (Feb. insert), though. When do you expect the Feb P&G insert to arrive for you?

  3. Our source did not receive the 1-30-11 P&G. I don't expect to get a P&G until 2-20-11 according to the coupon schedule. Please watch coupon previews for a verified date as to when a P&G will be included in our inserts.

  4. Thanks for an answer! :) I had thought P&G was the same for everyone, so I'm learning new things here. LOL